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Server Mods

Please note that this page tend to be slightly behind. For the most recent information and releasenotes, refer to #news on our Discord server.


Servants are modded NPCs who can perform a number of tasks. There are tasks which only can be given by a GM, but players may buy a servant contract and summon the servant, working the same way as with common Wurm merchants, and give some items such as clothes and even a lantern, and a number of tasks to perform.

The most important stasks performed by the public servants is that of merchants, trading in bulk wares and buying crafted items, and also of acting as initiating adepts of the various deities on the server. There are two types of merchants, one is simply called "merchant" and trades in bulk wares, the other is called "vendor" and buys crafted items. Anything you can place in a crate can be sold to a merchant, and everything sold is stored in a market database, which is accessible for all kingdoms. After a Wurm month (3½ real days), the sold wares can be bought back at a slightly higher price from the merchants. Merchant prices are based on a complex calculation of many factors, including how much of the ware is already in the market database, and when the market is filled with a type of item they won't buy it anymore. After some time, the wares will decay from the market and vanish.

The vendors on the other hand buy items that cannot be bought back, the items are removed from the game the moment they are sold. Prices are based on QL, weight, material and many other factors. Each kingdom give each vendor a fixed budget, each Wurm year, first day of the second Starfall. When the budget has been spent, the vendors won't buy any more until the next yearly budget comes. While player owning servant contracts can give the merchant task, the vendor task is currently reserved for only GMs.

For more details about merchants and vendors, please refer to the Awakening Merchants document.

For more details about servants, please talk to any servant and press the "About servants" button.

Custom Items
Custom Recipes

Not all are listed, some are secret.

Custom Spells

Client Mods

Client mods are not required to play on Awakening, but if you choose to use client mods, you should also install the Awakening client mod, which will inform the server about what mods you have installed on your computer, and it will over time also add extra features. The custom client mod automatically updates itself with new versions after the first installation, and it also updates other installed client mods to the latest version.

To install Ago's client mod launcher, follow these instructions (for Windows users):

  1. Open your file browser and locate the directory where Wurm Unlimited is installed. On Windows it may be found here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited. Keep the file browser open at this directory.
  2. Download the latest version of Ago's client mod launcher from here.
  3. Open another file browser and locate the directory where you downloaded the file. The web browser, e.g. Chrome, usually has some way to open the download directory.
  4. Unzip the downloaded file, it should be named something like and enter the unzipped directory, you'll find these files and folders there:
    • mods
    • javassist.jar
    • modlauncher.jar
    • patcher.bat
    • patcher.jar
  5. With your mouse, select all of these files and folders and press Ctrl-C. Now go back to the Wurm directory that you located in step one, and press Ctrl-V. This will copy the selected files into the Wurm directory. Do not create any folders or move any files, keep all files in the exact order they were unzipped, just copy them into the Wurm directory.
  6. Right click the file patcher.bat and select "Run". A black window will open and list a few lines of text, and say that the client has been patched. Run the patcher script only once, you should only run the patcher after you have installed a fresh Wurm Unlimited and after that installed Ago's client mod launcher.
  7. Now your installation of Wurm Unlimited has been patched and is ready to load client mods. Any client mods you'd like to install should be placed in the mods-folder in the Wurm-directory, and should have a [mod-name].properties file, and a [mod-name] folder. Just copy the properties-file and the folder with all files inside it, into the mods-folder. That's all you have to do, now Wurm will load the installed mods.
  8. To install the Awakening client mod, download it from here, and install as instructed in the previous step. Your Wurm-folder should now contain mods\ and mods\awakening\awakening.jar.

Here is a list of the client mods that are currently accepted:

Awakening client Mod

The Awakening client mod informs the server which client mods are installed, but also has a number of extra features.


Management of development is done on our Trello board where all players are welcome to contribute with ideas and suggestions, as well as commenting on others' posts. You'll find an invitation to the board here.