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Here is listed a number of documents with in depth details for the world of Awakening.

History, Kingdoms & Religion

The history of the world of Awakening is written in this Google docs document.


Kingdom Merchants

In each starter town there is a market with merchants, where you can trade wares.

Awakening Merchants

Religion & Adepts

Additional religion data is found in this spreadsheet. It shows requirements to become adept and spells and restrictions etc.

Awakening Religion

Creatures & Traits

There are a few custom creatures and trait modifications, all listed here.

Awakening Creatures


Information about infestations: strength of waves per level and creatures spawned.

Awakening Infestations


We are holding regular auctions. Here you can find a list of auctioned items.

Awakening Auctions


Management of development is done on our Trello board where all players are welcome to contribute with ideas and suggestions, as well as commenting on others' posts. You'll find an invitation to the board here.